Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mmmmm. A Massage :)

I am NOT the type of person who will pay $50 to have someone I do not know rub my back. To me it is way more relaxing and rejuvenating to spend half that and several hours playing with pretty paper, ribbon and photos of people I love and adore. (In another life I am a scrapbooker.) But when someone offered to bring a table to my home and give me a massage for free- I obliged. Good choice on my part.

AA applied oils on my back and methodically released built up stress. increased my immunity, reduced inflammation in my body, and rejuvenated me. Aah. And it isn't even my birthday!

The massage I experienced was simple and easy to learn. I know because I looked it up and gave my hunny a mini version this evening. Now he is sleeping peacefully and hopefully, longer. I applied oils which will increase his circulation, reduce soreness, alleviate pain, and soothe inflammation.

The massage process is referred to as Aromatouch technique. DoTerra has created a kit with eight essential oils and blends, fractionated coconut oil, a training DVD and an overview booklet in a presentation box which makes it realistic for a person to learn the technique quickly. It felt nice for me to give that little bit of love and attention to my hunny. And I will be able to do it again and again. Just as important, is that in the process, my husband will be using essential oils his body needs.

Click on the link to Aurelia's DoTerra to get more information on the Aromatouch Technique. Or if you prefer- leave me your contact info and I will make sure someone calls you.

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