Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Use of Orange Oil

For dinner Monday I made French Dip sandwiches for my family. The dishes were cleaned up after this yummy meal, but in my laziness I left the pan the roast had been cooked in on the top of the stove to cool. Since then that pan has been successfully ignored. Today, again I was tempted to ignore that pan as I cleaned up the kitchen. "At least put it in the sink to soak.", I encouraged my self. I set the pan in the now clean sink and debated whether to fill the sink with hot water. On a whim I picked up a tiny spray bottle I had previously filled with a mixture of water and Orange oil and sprayed it on the gross dried guck. Immediately the dried meat grease started dripping down the inside of the pan. The Orange Oil was breaking down the gross stuff! I still ignored the greasy pan and finished wiping down the counter tops. That's all the time it took, in less than two minutes all I had to do with my dirty pan was give it a quick swipe with detergent, and rinse. I LOVE Orange Oil!

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